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Asphalt is a common material for use on driveways and parking lots due to its waterproof quality, smooth surface, and clean look. It is often preferred over concrete for roads because it creates a quieter ride, is more resistant to cold and salt, and is easier to repair and maintain. Plus, the darker color of asphalt is favored in cold-weather climates because it absorbs more heat which melts snow and ice faster. Asphalt is a mixture of gravel, sand, and crushed stone called aggregate, held together with bitumen. Bitumen is a black, tarry, petroleum byproduct. Although asphalt is more durable than other surfaces, it doesn’t last forever. Erosion happens normally over time and there are certain things that can expedite the deterioration of the surface of asphalt. Sealcoating in Monroe is an important maintenance task and helps to extend the lifetime of any asphalt surface.

Elements That Negatively Impact Asphalt

There are a variety of outside forces that can negatively impact an asphalt surface. Sitting water, heavy use, sunlight, vehicle fluids, and time are the top enemies of asphalt. The more asphalt is used and the older the application gets, the more the surface will begin to break down. Small cracks may start to form, the color will begin to fade, and oxidation causes the bitumen to harden resulting in brittle asphalt. When it comes to driveways, a proper installation is crucial. There needs to be proper grading of the surface so that water easily runs off and doesn’t pool in any areas. However, aside from a correct installation, sealcoating in Monroe is the number one way to protect your driveway and parking lot from degradation. Sealcoating creates a better barrier between the surface of the asphalt and oils, salts, UV light, water, and more.

Crack Filling and Repairing Your Driveway in Monroe is Important

An aged asphalt pad that has not been treated with sealcoating is at the mercy of the elements. In our area in particular, the damage can be made much worse in the winter. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles can create cracks and holes in any asphalt surface. Any water that is able to seep into cracks on the surface will freeze and expand, thus widening the cracks. If this is allowed to happen over and over again, you’ll be looking at an extensive repair that will bring a hefty bill with it. Thankfully, you can easily avoid all this with a professional sealcoating repair and crack filling. By filling in cracks as soon as they appear, the surface of your driveway will remain stronger for longer. Contact us today to get a quote on filling and repairing cracks or a full sealcoating job.

Sealcoating in Monroe Helps in Other Ways

There is nothing quite like the instant improvement the exterior of a home gets with a fresh sealcoating. One of the normal side effects of aging asphalt is a lightening of the surface color. The deep, dark surface of a new driveway begins to fade to a mottled gray. If left completely untreated, the cracks will spread over the entire surface. No matter how nicely landscaped your yard is, an old, aged driveway detracts from the curb appeal.
For businesses, a new parking lot doesn’t only look nice, it shows customers you care. A brittle, broken parking lot filled with potholes isn’t only an eyesore, it is dangerous. A driveway filled with cracks and holes is a tripping hazard, can cause damage to cars, and becomes especially precarious in icy conditions.
Just as sealcoating helps keep water out, it also helps repel oils, gas, and other automotive liquids. A surface treated with sealcoating is easier to clean and less vulnerable to stains. A cleaner driveway and an immaculate parking lot are nicer to look at, cost less to maintain, and last longer.

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